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  1. Well, let’s see now… My divorce was final June 1st. It was a long & ugly process. Bastard tried everything he could to get out of paying any spousal support.

    I’m going to be placed for job training shortly with the CA Dept of Rehabilitation, per order of the court.

    Who am I doing? Nobody, as the love of my life recently passed away after we accidentally found each other again on facebook, of all places, just after my seperation in 2011. I saw a comment of his on one of Patrizzi’s posts & Ta-DAH…

    Thank you, Lisa for harassing me until I joined facebook, ❤ or we might never have had that short time at all.

    So… even though I'm ecstatic about my divorce, it's bittersweet. I feel like part of me is missing, but it's okay. I'll just have to get it right the next time around.

    How am I doing? The very best I can.


  2. I’m so glad you got out of that marriage and at least had a little beautiful time. There’s more where that came from, I promise!

  3. Hi…this is Ronni (vero). Apparently, WordPress knows me already…Is this name OK, or should I make a new account?

    I will be costuming a show in Austin this summer, called “National Pastime.” Set in the 40s and (I’m assuming) about baseball. Haven’t got a script yet.

    I have actually worked in Austin, for money…not much, but hey. Chandra and Vanessa are living with me, along with assorted grandsons, Aidan, Ethan and Eli. Still working at the costume shop, but business has been slow this year so I have to find some sewing to take up the slack.

    No love life…but I’m finally beginning to wish there were. However, I’ve put on 50 lbs and am too damn lazy to take it off, so I’m thinking that’s a lost cause. I’m fixin’ to be 64 in a couple of weeks.

    Darragh is on WordPress and Facebook.

    So has anyone killed anyone in an interesting manner recently?

  4. Hey Ronni. Janetruth is fine! No need to do anything new. The only way I found to lose weight after the big “M” was to cut carbs. When I broke my ankle in Dec 2011, I laid around in a cast, got into watching movies & tv series for 3 months, established horrible high carb eating habits and put on almost 30 lbs. Finally, after not being able to wear any of my clothes and too proud to buy bigger ones anywhere except Goodwill, I went on a low carb diet. Today, I’m 40 lbs. lighter, the lowest weight I’ve been since 2002, and pretty much the weight I was in college. It took about 5 months, but it worked. It’s kind of a Paleo diet, but mainly I count carbs and eat fewer than 75 grams a day, ideally under 50.

  5. Loretta, I want to thank you for your positive attitude and the fact that you created the original place we all met. I met a lot of wonderful people because of you, and it’s so cool that most of us stayed in touch. That’s HUGE for me, personally. My ex actually believes that it was Misfitting that destroyed our marriage. HOLY Batman! Yup, he was a nutcake. Still is. Even so, I still can’t believe he took my SIGNED copy of Stone Cold Guilty. Funny how threatened he was by it.

    My point is, I let his negativity get in the way of staying in touch with all of you for a time, and for that I’m very sorry. I found that some of my dearest friends and what really matters are still here. Thanks so much for inviting me back.

  6. Nadine, there are really cheap copies of SCG on Amazon you can get for a buck or less. Get one on there (I still have to pay $13 for a copy) and send it to me. I’ll send it back along with a spanking new STILL STONE COLD GUILTY, the 10th anniversary edition book. I have a few of those around the house.

  7. Anyone else who wants a copy of the new 10th anniversary book, let me know. I’ll place an order. They are not too expensive, maybe $4 a piece or something. Email me. I have the same email I always had – the cox one.

  8. Kudos on your weight loss, Loretta. Less carbs seems to be my best bet, too. I do love the taters… The big “M” and all the changes it brings … yes, it’s not for the faint of heart. I seem to have become a lot fluffier than I like, due to back problems. The thought of anyone seeing me nekkid is both horrifying and hysterically funny to me at the moment. Even so, if I do it with humor, I’m learning to love who I am, slowly.

  9. So what’s new (besides my anniversary)?

    Leigh is doing well, and has been my partner in the health issues I’ve had. More on that in a bit.

    Michael, Son the Chef, got married in August 2009. He gave us a grandson in July 2010 named Wyatt, and another grandson in July 2011 named Emmett. The most precious, genius, wonderful grandsons in the world, dontcha know. And now Michael and Sara are separated, but still living in the same house. This allows Michael, with his crazy chef schedule as Executive Chef at the Danbury Crowne Plaza, to have more time with the boys and to save $$$. He will be moving.

    Had a bit of a health scare last September 13th. Long story somewhat short – I was tired from not sleeping the night before, so I decided to take a nap. Not sure how long I slept, but when I awakened and walked to the bathroom I realized I was having a horrible time breathing. I made it downstairs and thought “something is really wrong” and called 911. I sat on the floor while on the phone with the dispatcher because everyone knows you breathe better on the floor, right? I don’t remember a lot and least of all the paramedics showing up, but they did. I do remember being on the gurney and going down the front steps, what a ride! Got to the hospital with respirations about 40/minute and don’t remember a lot that happened there either, but Leigh filled me in. They apparently worked on me for a few hours in the ER then moved me to a step down unit where they drained 650 ml. of fluid from my right lung. For some reason they didn’t do anything about the left lung and both of them were filled with fluid, which they call “flash pulmonary edema.” The next four days were filled with meds, IV’s, and all that hospital stuff. Final diagnosis: cardiomyopathy, congestive heart failure and uncontrolled diabetes.

    Needless to say my life has changed considerably. I went from never going to the doctor to going way too much. I now stick needles in my fingers to check my blood sugar and in my tummy to take insulin. I also went from never taking anything more than aspirin to taking way too many pills a day! But, I’m doing great! I don’t have to see the cardiologist for six months, my blood sugar is well controlled, and other than muscle achiness from taking a statin, I’m feeling great!

    The only prior hint that I might be sick was weight loss which was due to the diabetes. I had no symptoms of a heart issue except that my feet and ankles were swollen, but then it was summer and it was hot and they always swelled that time of year.

    One nice thing is that the weight I lost between the diabetes and loss of fluid retention has stayed off. I’m now wearing a size 8 again and my weight has remained steady for the past 8 months. I only lost about 15 or so pounds, but it was all I needed to lose to be at my optimal weight. Counting carbs, eating lots of veggies, whole grains and lean proteins really is good for you! Who knew?

  10. Wow, Deege! So glad you’re doing better. Sorry the marriage thing didn’t work out for Michael. That’s a tough career to combine with marriage. Great news about the grandsons. A lot has happened. It’s so great to see you.

  11. It’s a long story, but it starts with “whenever possible, avoid marrying a sociopath.” My divorce was final a couple of years ago. Idiot (formerly known as Hubs) went off the deep end. Then he found another deep end and went off that. Following that, he found an abyss and is currently exploring that. Therapist thinks there are many reasons for his behavior, and I’m not overstating or exaggerating when I use the word “sociopath”. I’m still hanging on to the whole demonic-possession/snatched-by-aliens scenario, though. The last few years have been way too bizarre for there not to be aliens involved. Maybe demonically possessed aliens.

    Son and I are very close and doing well. We moved into Crazy Town with my parents a couple of months ago, and I think I speak for all involved when I say we could not possibly be more thrilled by the situation. I know because we’ve tried.

    Dad’s been either hospitalized or in a care center (he goes back and forth) since March after having heart problems, followed by a hip fracture, followed by a hip displacement. I can’t prove it, but I suspect this could be his way of running away from home. He covers it well by demanding on a daily basis to be released. I plan to remember this strategy when I find I can no longer take it at Crazy Town and run away myself. At the rate we’re going, I expect this to happen any day now.

    Dad wants to have Mom at his side every possible second, so Son and I try to take up the slack and run errands and things for her. On the bright side, Son is really cementing his status as favored grandchild. On the not-so-bright side, I’m apparently 12 years old again. I lost a couple of decades the first time Mom demanded to know where I was going, whom I was with and when I’d be back. I continue to lose years every time I find out that the laundry? I’m doing it wrong. Sadly, this loss of age has not yet been made evident on my face or energy levels, though I’m holding out hope because, hey, I am just that tragically naive.

    Idiot moved out of state a year ago, and for us, it was much like the citizens of France seem to have felt when the German troops left town. There was great rejoicing and for the first time in a long time, we feel safe. We are rebuilding. Idiot continues to rant and carry on and still contacts my attorney and therapist and anyone else he thinks will listen, which turns out to be no one but his family (who have confused family loyalty with ignoring what’s obvious to everyone else: The man’s completely lost it. It’s quite liberating to find out that most people respond to him by shrugging and deleting his ravings or just hanging up on him. Following their cue, I haven’t spoken to him personally in well over a year.

    Son and I are planning to go to school as soon as we can get our tuition and work figured out. Son’s looking forward to the prospect of running into his mom on campus as much as anyone his age would be. I’m sure it will really add an extra something to his social life. Solitude, he’s thinking.

    I’ve dated a bit. I’m going out with New Guy and probably will continue to do so if he’ll stop proposing. I have no plans to remarry unless I can get a crew from the government and possibly God to do some kind of alien/demon scan and sign off on him.

    I’ve been working in an office where my job is so involved and intense that at the interview I was told, “Bring a book or your laptop or something to do because otherwise you’re going to be bored.” And by golly, if they weren’t right.

    I still cannot make Jell-o.

    It’s good to be back!

  12. Hey Lodilly, dilly, hey! I’m still on the west coast and blissfully single after giving the emotional black hole the boot three years ago. Spent about two years doing some hard introspection and going through some dark days but my focus has been on creating a fabulous life and so far, so good. I took up motorcycle riding again which is something I’ve wanted to do for years. Heck, since nobody’s around to tell me “no” anymore I told myself “yes” and got my butt down to the dealership where I picked out a pretty little blue one (The Magic Pony). Have since traded up for a white one (The Winged Pony) and had many fabulous adventures. It’s been the best therapy ever.

    Have managed to survive the recession, keep my (underwater) mortgage and get my business off the ground while hanging onto my health insurance and becoming a roller derby fan. Am doing accounting for small businesses and have clients in two counties. I spend a lot of time driving windy mountain roads and listening to music.

    My daughter’s graduated after switching majors and has a job in her field for which I am very grateful. It’s been tough times for a lot of folks lately. I’ve been trying to get more active politically and aware of social issues. Would just like to take this opportunity to say:

    It’s 2013 and Scott Peterson is still guilty!!! Huzzah!!!

    Misfitting was fun and I hope you start blogging again! Reading you would make me laugh out loud. The gift was that I met some of my best friends here. The lesson was the digital millennium copyright act. lol! Hope that all is well with all! xoxo

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