In A Sentimental Mood

A familiar banner designed by Joni, during the heyday of the blob!

A familiar banner designed by Joni, during the heyday of the blob!

Good morning everyone. I am in a sentimental mood (cue the Duke Ellington song featuring Ella singing). It’s been 10 years since I was really cookin’ on the old Misfitting blog and I miss the fun, the intellectual stimulation, the artistic inspiration and most of all YOU.

Please continue with updating us all on your current situation. I enjoy knowing what’s happening with all of you and then sort of sad I wasn’t part of it as I was back during 2003-2007. Get everyone back here


27 thoughts on “In A Sentimental Mood

  1. I cite the Great Blog War on many occasions as an example of the way the Interwebs can influence life on the ground. There is a lot of spill-over these days, and most people don’t have a clue that it has happened before. When people started to show up on Casey Anthony’s doorstep howling like a Dark Ages mob, with signs instead of pitchforks, I knew we were in trouble. The arguments stated in favour of everyone’s “right” to do that were very similar to the self-righteous blather spread by the mutts in defense of their attacks on Loretta. More recently, there are some feminist and/or atheist bloggers who are going through much the same thing. Only, nowadays, people could show up at their doors with a guns.

    The drama did convince me to be less fearful about expressing opinions, so that’s a plus. After the whole thing was over, I was in another private forum discussing the Michelle Young case, and I suspect there were at least a few mutts in there. I eventually had to leave for reasons indirectly connected with the politics of the 2008 election–mutts tend to be right-wing reactionaries. Who knew?

  2. Effing pathological envious beyoches that can rot in helf. I’m sure they are still a bunch of miserable freaks. I, however, am quite happy.

  3. Also, interesting that you mention the Mutt war, I consider it a perfect example of my theory that 25% of any given group is psycho. The crazies of the tea party remind me of mutts; as do any other stupid reactionary group that is chiefly informed by hate, fear, bias, bigotry or wishful thinking instead of reality. They are pathetic and I ignore them.

  4. I knew there would be some interesting stories. I had no illusions that you all would stay in some kind of stasis when we parted. Fascinating material for new jokes, songs and stories.

  5. Religious fundamentalists, too, and the attack-the-victim crowd in crime discussions. Since InSessions closed, I haven’t found a good forum. I still won’t join WS because I don’t want to activate my non-web email. In the Coleman case, the discussion was in the comments of St Louis Today news stories. Some of them formed a private forum, but it collapsed due to infighting. Scout’s forum on Michelle Young was good (she ran it well), but when I went to check there on Abaroa, it had been taken down by the host due to lack of use.

    There were some real crazies all over the web in the Michelle Young case, including family members of the (now convicted) killer husband. They leapfrogged from forum to forum, leaving the hosts and mods wondering what the hell was happening. I actually met one of them, a high school friend of Jason Young, and gave him a copy of Marilee Strong’s “Erased; Missing Women, Murdered Wives,” and your book. He eventually came around to believing that Jason could have committed the crime, but I don’t know if the books had anything to do with it.

    One of the things I have learned is that a lot of the people who follow a particular murder have no idea that there is a larger pattern of this sort of crime. They follow the one because it happens in their area, or to someone they know, and they think it’s the only one like it. I took some flak in Coleman (at first), asking the questions you taught us to ask: was there discord, insurance, financial trouble, or a bit of fluff on the side? Of course, the IUPG minions scurry from case to case, trying to take the heat off the most likely suspects by trashing anyone else in the vicinity. Marlene’s Wrongful Convictions group is alive and well. I have followed quite a few cases since Peterson, and run into the same mentality over and over again.

    The “style” (if you will) of each crime is different and reflects the planning process (or lack of it) and imagination of the killers. There is usually a moment that goes “click” in my mind when considering a case. In Peterson it was the fact that he went to the OB with Laci and was told that, if Conner were born right then, he would probably survive. With Jodi Arias, it was the text messages Travis sent her, saying horrible things in an effort to dislodge her fixation. Instead, he sealed his own fate. In Michelle Young, it was about the weapon, which was never found or determined. I became convinced it was a Maglite® during a discussion in which a lot of things were proposed.

    I would like to thank you (don’t think I ever did), for not only an education on NPD, but for a long-standing hobby and activism focus.

  6. So what have you been up to? Last I checked in, you’d had a play produced in New York and were shopping men. I’m guessing this whole Grandma thing hasn’t cramped your style…

  7. Yes, it became a form of activism for me for all those years, but when I learned the pattern and could recognize a perp from a mile off, it was not much fun anymore! It’s just too easy, now. I’m glad some of what I did made a difference to you and others. That makes me feel like it was worth it. Never mind we had so much damn fun.

  8. The play was produced in 2009. I got a real job shortly thereafter and focused on that for the next 2 plus years, eschewing relationships because I was bored with it, ended the one I was in and worked like crazy. Made good money until I got laid off last November. Then I went back to self-employment and recently got a second part-time job to help save for Lauren’s college fund. Meantime, I dropped a bunch of weight, feel cute again and have met a new guy who is really nice. We’ll see where that goes, if I even have time for it!

  9. I was working on a new play off an on called, (drum roll) The Narcissist’s Handbook of Romance. LHAT! It’s slow going because it’s hard to create all the dialog for the characters from the original source material that is all narrative. My director/producer is begging me to finish it.

  10. I hardly ever see my grandchildren. They live in Cincinnati, and between the job, kids at home, getting away for a weekend is tough.

  11. I went to Europe in April for the first time in 30 years. It was FREEZING cold, but it was marvelous. We went to Prague, Bratislava and Budapest. Beautiful countries, excellent experience.

  12. Lodilly, you do look absolutely fabulous. Love the pics of your vacay. I was shocked to see Lauren and what a gorgeous young lady she has blossomed into. I had to count back the misfit years to actually believe that she is 17. WOW.

    I’m still in the same house, but my career has taken an abrupt turn. In 2008, my boss sold his publishing company to an outfit in Boston. I was unemployed for 3 1/2 years. I am now a “big time” contractor/editor for military technical manuals (land and armaments). The pay is excellent, but I liken it to being in a land of gypsies. When the contract is up, there is no guarantee that there will be more work with the hiring company. I worked my first contract for 1 ½ years before moving to the next company.

    I secretly keep hoping to get laid off so I can spend some additional time with my beautiful 18 month old granddaughter who I watch every other Friday. No such luck, as I have made quite the name for myself in the Land of Technical Publishing. I am in charge of quality QC/QA for the Armored Utility Vehicle (AUV) at BAE. I am currently up for a prestigious award based on new and successful processes I have implemented. If we are successful in our mission, BAE will be publishing the “How To” book of technical manual publishing and it will be utilized with every contract awarded to BAE.

    The only difference between Medical Publishing and Military Publishing is that in medicine, if you get it wrong, you might kill a patient. In Military Publishing, if you get it wrong, you might kill a soldier.

    Other than that, not much else has changed in my life. Bob and I just celebrated our 16th wedding anniversary and next month, my Texas family is flying into Michigan to spend a week up north together.

    I am so relieved the Jodi Arias trial is over. I was addicted and the house around me was collapsing from the weight of all the dust bunnies. And I may or may not have been growing scientific experiments in my refrigerator.

  13. Awesome to see you, Monica! So glad you came in and gave me your update. Fantastic news on the job, sounds very interesting. There is no security in jobs, I learned that a long time ago! I just go with the flow and work as little as possible to make ends meet. I’m much happier that way. It’s great you get to see your little grandbaby. I’m jealous!

  14. Hi Lo et all,

    Nothing much going on with me. Same old (baaah!) same old goat. I’ve been invited to a Mrs. Garagos fundraiser. Want me to take photos of their bathroom?

  15. I’m still living in Indy. We’ve been here five years now. We bought a house two years ago. Housing here is very reasonable and I have come to love Indy, but I’m painfully lonely. Both of my closest friends here have both moved, one to Kokomo and one to San Antonio, TX. I spent a year taking care of my MIL who had stage 6/7 Alzheimer’s. It was a very difficult time. She’s in a nursing home now and they are trained to deal with crazy, and get paid for it. Me, I just kept thinking of the pillow.

    Mia is ten. Tomorrow is her last day of school. She is a wonderful, intelligent, happy child. She’s in the honors/gifted program at school and made the A/B Honor Roll and we went to a big banquet that made me cry. She’s also very strong-willed and bossy. I don’t know how I’ve made it this far without Mia telling me what to do. She plays World of Warcraft and is on level 73, which I guess is impressive, she loves Big Time Rush (I had to take her to the concert on MY birthday, paid far too much and they sang 45 freaking minutes), and she’s very girly and fashionable.

    Dexter will be done with his stay in the VA correctional system at the end of this month. That’s been tough, too. I haven’t seen him in three years, for various reasons. He’s doing very well, has completed two semesters of community college and works full-time at McDonald’s. He also has a serious girlfriend who is moving with him when he’s out. She seems to be a very good influence on him. He will be getting his certification in HVAC at a place in Michigan when he’s out. His grandpa has been able to help him considerably with that. I have no connections with anyone anymore. He’s come a long way and I’ve seen a lot of growth and I’m very proud of him.

    I work at a very large trailer park owned by a corporation that owns a lot of very large trailer parks. I work in the office. We are definately the outcasts in the corporation. I took a lot of snide remarks when I went for a week of training in Michigan. And I gotta say, this place is the reason why you hear all the bad stuff you hear about trailer parks. Work is never boring and often very funny but also makes me despair for the future of humanity. I had a guy with a tracheotemy (sp?) tell me to go F myself while he threw a wadded up piece of paper (his violation for having dog poop in his yard) at me; a lady called to tell me her dog was sodomized and raped (how did she know? did she call the cops or animal control to report the crime?), and when we found out a resident had a felony (instant eviction) for two DUI’s, one of which occured in the park when she hit a bank of mailboxes AND knocked a kid who was checking his mail off his bike, she went off on me because she doesn’t even drink anymore now that she’s on the fentynal.


    I am convinced I am never going to land a normal job anywhere ever.

    Monica, I am glad to hear of your accomplishments! And Deege, I’m glad to know you’re doing well. Ronni and Loretta I’ve kind of kept up with I had the pleasure of seeing Ronni wow, was it four years ago? Any time anyone is in or around Indy, or wants to visit, holler. I have a decent sized house and Indy is really kind of fun. It lives up to the hype on Parks and Rec (heh, I love that show, it’s so Indiana.)

    I’m so glad to see all of you. I really have been lonely and I miss our community and the care and concern and debates.

    I’ve been following missing persons cases a lot lately. Lauren Spiers, Jessica Heeringa, Kelli Bordeaux, Holly Bobo. (Possible serial killer?) I was reading at Websleuths but they started to annoy me and I think a lot of the posters are just morons. I was very active at Find A Death for a while but they got annoying. I have a friend who is close to one of the attorneys in the current Jackson wrongful death suit and I get some scoop on it; supposedly it’s going to be incredibly ugly. Greed will do that.

    Can’t wait to see what everyone else is up to!


  16. Hiya folks! Vix here, but I’ll go by GingerMae if that’s okay. Good to see everyone.

    Things are going well for me. I’ve been dating someone the past two years and that’s gone well. I’ve had some career successes, and am still singing with the symphony chorus and birding whenever I can. As usual, I try to keep a low profile but that usually gets me a front seat to crazy. People never cease to defy the boundaries of imagination.

    The local narcissistic case here involves a former law enforcement instructor accused of murdering his wife. If you’re interested, Google “Brett Vashti Seacat.” Several things don’t add up in his story.

  17. Hiya Vix! Good to see you!

    I JUST read an article about ole Brett today. Wow. Couldn’t he at least google some hints or catch a few episodes of Forensic Files?

  18. Lovely Lisa!

    The give away for me is that he had no burns or injuries to his body, yet he claimed to have lifted Vashti off the burning bed.

  19. Now Vix, he had a boo boo on his tootsie!

    What sort of LE trainer was he, do you know? I can’t get over he worked in LE in any capacity. Either I’m very jaded, or he’s very dumb.

  20. He taught basic police training courses. His father and step-brother are/were also in law enforcement.

  21. I am forgetting he thinks he’s much smarter than anyone else. And I am jaded because all of these guys (and gals, JODI) are so obvious if you recognize a narcassist. It’s like “Oh please, honey, we’re onto you. You’re not even original or special, you only think you are.”

  22. I can’t tell you how happy I am to hear from everyone. I just got home from a third date I had with a new prospect. He’s really very nice, and I’m not used to very nice. I think he could get serious, but I’m playing it pretty cool. I’ve learned a lot from all my relationship disasters, so now I get to use all my new skills to do it right this time. Maybe. HA!

  23. Susan Murphy Milano had a blog devoted to such crimes committed by cops and former cops. Her mother was killed by her cop father after years of abuse. As a testament to how common this sort of killing has become, I had not even heard of this till Vix brought it here. Since Peterson, I have followed several (without the cop factor)…Young, Coleman, Vaughn, Powell, that one where the guy was boinking the au pair and kept schlepping his wife’s body parts around, quite a few, really. It never ceases to surprise me.

  24. Well, I missed everyone again! Been super busy with things lately. I’m going to have to check out the links up there for sure. People are effing crazy…. I haven’t really followed any cases in awhile. Not enough concentration lately. We want details on the new beau, Loretta!

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