The Crazy Media Hasn’t Changed

The Crazy Media Hasn't Changed

When followed the Peterson case in 2003 we realized how inaccurate, ridiculous and sensationalized the mainstream media had become. If anything, it’s worse 10 years later!


61 thoughts on “The Crazy Media Hasn’t Changed

  1. I am about to go crazy due to the fact that I have no show right now, and won’t until auditions for “The Red Velvet Cake Wars” at the end of July. I had hoped to go for a nice long drive somewhere in there, but work is so slow that I won’t have the money to do so. I sense a pattern…either so much work I can’t get time off, or so little that I can’t afford the gas! It was lovely seeing Lisa and Co. when I took Brendan for a drive in 2008. We scattered Jim’s ashes and then (for grins and giggles) went to Philadelphia for a sandwich and a ballgame and the Rocky steps. On the way up, we visited with a couple of people from the Michelle Young case, and I dropped in on Lisa and on Barbara on the way back. Brendan flew home from PA. He was somewhat surprised that I managed to find my way home without his navigational skills. I did get lost in Paducah, KY, but, in spite of the city’s efforts to trap me forever, I eventually escaped.

    Last summer, I went up to Iowa for his graduation (he now has a BA in Religion–go figure) and spent a few days in St Louis. I like St Louis. It reminds me of Vancouver, with its acres and acres of Arts and Crafts Era houses and cheap rent. My friend Jan has a one-bedroom apartment in an old 4-plex for $300/month. You can’t rent a closet around here for that! She took me to Shakespeare in the park, and one of Jim’s middle-schoolers was in the cast of “Othello!” I had forgotten he was at Webster…small world.

    Once the “Red Velvet” show starts rehearsing, all hell will break loose. I am actually costuming (all by myself!) a show in Austin, which auditions August 18th. The others I’ve done either in concert with another costumer or as consultant (they provided the costumes, I just organized them). This one is going to be a huge challenge.

    I’m not directing anything this season, having lost my director mojo when I had an actor walk out of a show 9 days before opening, causing a cancellation and frantic scrambling by Sam Bass to fill the slot. I lost a friend in the process, too.

  2. I’m sure all of you true crime lubbers will get a kick out of the fact that in 2009, I found myself on the opposite side of the law. I was charged with a misdemeanor for trespassing and malicious destruction of property and had to drive myself to the Police Department and turn myself in to take a mug shot and be fingerprinted. If you’re lucky, you can find me on Google. LHAT. My mug shot was on every local news channel at noon, 5 pm, and 11 that day. Don’t be jealous of my infamy and terrified mug shot!

    There was a home on our street that was rented out during the housing market collapse. The owners had moved to Colorado and were losing their personal residence there, too, because of work hardships. We have known them for years and their extended family had previously owned two homes on our street.

    Desperate to rent out their vacant house on our street to prevent financial ruin, they leased it to a teenager (19 year old mother with a 4 y/o son and 2 y/o daughter.) Initially the baby daddy of the 2 y/o leased the home with the mom. That culminated in him having a roll in the hay with his girlfriend’s 40 year old mother…errr grandmother of the 4 and 3 year old. Blame it on the ecstasy party’s they threw every weekend without fail.

    Well, baby daddy and mother were banished from the home by angry and betrayed (by the two most important people in her life) teenage mom and ADC wasn’t enough money to pay rent so they didn’t. For MONTHS and MONTHS they didn’t pay rent. They just threw more parties.

    Teenage mom finally moved out and back in with Baby Daddy #1, but she left her free loader younger brother in the house on my street, and let the all night ecstasy parties continue with even more intensity because there were no longer babies in the house. No one had keys since no one was on the lease, so they just locked the doors and crawled through the front windows when it was time to “roll”. I kid you not!!!

    My wonderful neighbor (former Detroit cop) who lives two doors down from this animal house had finally had enough. He went in and started nailing the windows shut amongst other things. Every neighbor on the street had called the police department for intervention at some point or another. FOIA shows 26 calls to the brothers in blue during this time frame. Because of “politics” (wonderful neighbor had run for city mayor 5 times without success and said how he would change and expose our little corrupt city) the one rogue cop in our city, who wants to be police chief, never issued a citation to anyone at that pathetic, dilapidated, black mold infested (known and cited by the city), unsafe for anyone, let alone precious babies , house.

    I could go on and on, because I haven’t even told half the story, but I digress…

    The evening my wonderful neighbor was shutting the debacle down, because our PD wouldn’t, I walked over and said, “Hey Tim, can I help you with anything?” To which he replied, “Yes, you can move some of the trash pick garbage out to the front porch.
    So I helped him. Two days later, the freeloading brother came home and called our PD and told them that his vigilante neighbors were evicting him. The rest is history.

    $6500 dollars later, our Judge admonished the County Prosecutors and the Clawson PD and told them that he would have most probably done what we did under the circumstances, but since we opted for a jury trial instead of a bench trial and were found guilty, he was only going to order us to pay court cost.

    The jury only convicted me of trespassing, so next year I can have my record expunged since I don’t have a criminal history. I haven’t even had a moving violation in my car in 15 years.

    After that debacle, I went out and found a job!

  3. Monica, who woulda guessed you’d made COPS? Heh.

    I could tell ya’all Trailer Park Stories Of The Day. And right now, it’s bathing suit season. Homemade tattos and bathing suits.

    Giddy up.

  4. Some interesting comments from another story on this case:

    Danielle (15122)
    Several years ago my boyfriend renovated that house on Lafayette Ave in Collingdale. Jose had bought the house and obtained a construction loan to fix it up. He strung us along, giving us small amounts of money and promising to pay once the project was complete. He ended up stiffing us for over $20,000 and we had to file a mechanics lien.
    So I was very shocked but not surprised when I read this story. In our dealings with him he was a liar and con-artist. His poor wife, hopefully he did not do to her what it appears he has done!

    Connie (24252)
    I live directly across the st from them I never saw her with another man as far as I know I saw her alone every morning taking the girls to and from school and after school never coming back out until saturdays when she would pack up the girls and go to Jersey for the weekend.They kept to themselves and if anything else she would never leave her kids on purpose!! I pray she is found soon either alive or the worst so at least the family can begin to heal.Ppl do sometimes surprise us all and simply I hope thats not the case but if so Jose may just want to focus on his girls and let the family n police look for her.he may be that pissed with her that he doesn’t care where she is,so he may not have anything to do with this at all.I pray it all comes to an end soon.

    She found out he was cheating. He has enough money to hire not one but two lawyers (one for the kids). He tried to transfer the kids to a school in NJ the day he reported her missing. In the video, he has a rather COG air about him (much like Josh Powell). The neighbour says she usually took the kids to NJ for weekends so, why wasn’t he concerned that she didn’t this time?

    Of course he did it. The planning process and cleanup are what interest me now.

  5. You probably would. But a lot are not as perceptive as you. However, this guy sounds like a master manipulator, and if she wasn’t expecting it… He may have sounded like a Much Nicer Version of her ex. I could see that being attractive to a lot of women.

  6. Just want to jump in here to say “Richard Ramirez is dead! Of natural causes! Thank you, Jesus.” lol!

  7. So, does anyone want to hear more of my arrest story which includes a one-legged pedophile and electricity thieves? I told you that I hadn’t even told you half the story. BTW, Lisa, I am so incredibly jealous of your day job, and I have never in my life been a jealous person. Heh.

  8. Lodilly, I don’t know how much you want to fly under the radar (on line). But if I tell my whole story, I must include links of the pedophile. Offered only for the truth. Are we flying under the radar here, or are we flying?

  9. Well, as we learned long ago, don’t post anything you don’t want the whole world to see, even if we are in site nobody but us knows about.

  10. After hearing about our Monica’s escapades, combined with Lisa’s job at the craziest trailer park in Indy, Loretta’s globe trotting and Deege’s close call, Ronni with her theatrical genius… Cousin Stacey with her crazy ex’s shenanigans. I feel like my life is so boring!

    Why did we marry sociopaths, Cousin? Mine’s been telling everyone who’ll listen that our son and myself have both tried to kill him in the past, and will continue to try. He switches back & forth from that story to how the government will have him “done away with” to keep him from patenting his perpetual motion energy wheel. Pass the KOOL-AID…
    The internet stalking thing is something I’d expect my ex to try with me, as obsessed as he was.

  11. May I suggest that we order some custom tin foil suits for the exes? Not to protect them, but to protect the rest of world!

  12. I am trying to change the scary avatar by my name. I noticed you managed it, but mine freaks me out. Makes me want to get someone in here to squish it.

  13. Oh! It worked that time! Yay That’s Hodge Podge. He’s our penguin. He had many travels last year much like Loretta’s shirt and even has his own facebook page. It’s interesting what you do when you’re seriously bored and your only company is a teenager.

  14. I had mine set up in WordPress for years, and have totally forgotten how it was done. I would actually like to change it, as the person who made it for me eventually went to jail for hiding a camera in the backstage bathroom of the theater and filming our CiCi while she was changing costumes in there. Every time I see it, it reminds me of our own personal He Who Shall Not Be Named.

  15. Cousin Nadine, we married sociopaths, precisely because they are so good at seeming normal to unsuspecting people such as ourselves. They are incapable of any real depth of emotion other than anger, and so study and imitate the behavior of others until they have it down so perfectly that successful sociopaths are rarely detected. Looking back, whenever Mike was in a situation that he didn’t have a “script” for or a model to follow, he became very, very strange. Very detached and his behavior totally inappropriate. Like when we had a baby that needed to be rushed to the hospital and he wanted to go home, shower, pack a few things…weird. Anyway, we’re out of it, and lucky to be out of it alive. Seriously. One comforting thing is, they often start to lose it and spout bizarre stories and theories and soon you realize everyone else realizes he’s crazy too. It’s fascinating how liberating that is.

  16. Liberating indeed, Cousin! I’m so glad you made it out, too. I had no idea how bad it was for you. I can’t believe I enabled Rick for so long. I made a lot of excuses for his inexcusible behavior.

    I’m in a quandry about how I feel. I’m finally divorced, but not exactly free. I have a feeling my adult son will be my responsibility forever, due to his Schizophrenia & other issues. Gonna be pretty hard to meet anyone with my son staring down every guy that comes near me, assuming I ever get past losing the guy I really felt was The One. Maybe the Universe is trying to tell me that flying solo is best.

    Living and learning. That’s what it’s all about.

    Ronni, how disgusting about the hidden bathroom cam! What a slimeball. Glad he’s in jail for it.

    I got my copy of SCG! Now to see if I still have Fearless Leader’s address!

  17. Nadine, I sent you my address! I’ll send you back that book plus a spanking new copy of STILL Stone Cold Guilty 10th Anniversary Edition! It has a much better cover. heh

  18. I mean to participate here more but I’m finally coming to realize, I don’t have the energy I did 20 years ago when I was a single mom wiht a baby, full time high profile job, dog, new house. I don’t have the energy I had even ten years ago. I am fairly sure that taking care of my Alzheimer’s riddled MIL, my son being in prison and getting out, and my crazy, CRAZY job, has robbed me of about ten years in ten months.

    I am desperately trying to order STC in book form and Lulu is not cooperating.

    My job makes me fear for the future of America. And makes me want to own a Taser. But seriously, America, you can do better. Celebrating the birth of America does not mean shooting explosive devices at your neighbor’s person, or home.

  19. I’m a mess, too, what with doing my bit for the draconian Texas anti-choice, anti-woman, anti-due-process-of-law crap that’s going on here. I always wondered what it would take to get me back out in the street, marching, chanting and doing other probably useless things just to try and be heard on the horrible changes that are happening. This issue is the one, I guess. I am too old for this shit and they keep trying to teach grandma how to suck eggs. Lisa, we need to run away to the hills for a few days.

    At least, we have got rid of our dysfunctional roommates, and that has led to an increase in peace and quiet, but with a toddler, a 6-year-old, a teenager, assorted dogs and cats and an indeterminate number of mice…plus a couple of almost bickering daughters, and I’m ready for a break, but too broke to take one.

  20. Lisa, I got my copy through Amazon. My ex made off with the original out of jealousy. May he rot. I understand about the deflated energy level, too. My therapist advised me to stay away from negativity and stress because that’s why I’m so wiped out lately. I can barely concentrate sometimes. I’m taking an eight week therapy course to help me with that, and grief counseling to help me deal with losing my boyfriend in March.

    Ronni, It sounds like you’re still overwhelmed at home, even without the dysfunctional roomies. The caregiver eventually needs to be cared for also.

  21. Let ’em suck their own eggs. I don’t have the energy to fix anyone but myself at the moment, and that’s slow going. After putting everything and everyone else ahead of myself for so long, I’ve given myself permission to just BE for awhile. It’s part of my therapy.

  22. I wish I could. I don’t have therapy…just commitment to the things I fought for back in the 70s. I find it reprehensible that apathy has caused us to allow the election of all these people who think their particular religious beliefs should govern the rest of us. I will never let my guard down again!

  23. Ok, kids. It’s official. I gave notice at my job on Friday. I get to do something really exciting and something really not exciting at all. The exciting thing is I’m going to be writing. For actual U.S. dollars. I’m going to be doing some copy writing, press releases, web site content editing and co-authoring a book. I’ll be working almost exclusively from home, most likely during the middle of the night because my days are about to be consumed by caring for Dad and trying really hard to retain some semblance of sanity. You see, the not-so-exciting thing is we brought Dad home from the rehab center because the insurance ran out and Mom just couldn’t bring herself to put her in one of the horrid places available. I can’t blame her, but it’s a bit overwhelming the amount of work required to care for him. He is able to do very little for himself and somehow I am the only one with the physical strength and balance required to move him from place to place. And when anyone has to rely on my physical strength and balance, well, that there’s a desperate situation. Mom can’t quit her job or she’ll lose her insurance and other benefits, and it just made more sense for me to be the one to quit and stay home, write, and care for Dad. I don’t mind most of it. Some of it is not very pleasant, and I’m having a few panic attacks about the fact that I am about to be entombed in that house, never to see daylight again. I’m thinking it’s probably best that I don’t drink, as I’m not sure I’d be able to remain sober for the slightest amount of time. And how is everyone else?

  24. Throw open the windows and let in some air. I hope the writing takes off for you. Is your dad going to recover, or is his current situation as good as it’s going to be?

    It’s a big job, but you will rock it. You can always vent here.

  25. These guys just get more and more blatant, don’t they? You have to love it when they put themselves out there, thinking what they’re saying is actually reasonable…thinking anyone is going to fall for it!

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